The Goldman Consortium

The Goldman Consortium is a newly formed global consortium of over two hundred Goldman Sachs Alumni owned businesses, Goldman Sachs alumni and Goldman Sachs active. The idea being to leverage the resources, skills and global comparative advantages of members to create value for each other and clients and in the process form a company which provides top quality products, services and investment opportunities to our clients

The Goldman Consortium works closely with The Ivy Company at its 4000+ Ivy League alumni partners to bring top expertise in multiple fields to provide exceptional products, services and investment opportunities. We operate in multiple business areas including financial services, project finance, computer software, alternate energy.

Goldman Consortium member Wharton Partners was the first to predict the global credit crisis a decade before it happened.

Goldman Consortium members MdeCC and Ivy Energy are currently working on setting up over a gigawatt of conventional and alternate energy power plants in partnership with Goldman Sachs alumni owned boutique investment bank WoodRock Securities L.P. Over 2 billion dollars of funding for these projects is to be provided by WoodRock and Consortium member Goldman Capital Consoritum which is a private equity investments arm of the Goldman Consortium.

Consortium members Algotrek and Cubesly develop computer software and mobile apps for multiple industries.

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Business Areas

  1. Project Finance
  2. Alternate and Conventional Energy
  3. Commodities Trading
  4. Quant Finance
  5. Software and Mobile Solutions
  6. Equity and Economic Research
  7. Investment Management
  8. Financial Advisory

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